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Lovely Feedback

I was recently booked to perform for a party's after dinner entertainment. The host had asked me to speak to his guests about the harp, and what it is like being a musician and I had such a lovely time meeting all of his friends and speaking to them. Feeling very honoured to have received this feedback!: 

"Elinor brought so much more than just her beautiful music to my event. Firstly, and I think very importantly, I found the booking process worked well through FixTheMusic, and I was quite happy that the details of where, when, what, how long and how much were all covered. Elinor went the extra mile and confirmed access details with the venue, and I was pleased that she not only arrived in good time, but was set up and ready to go without any fuss. I can recommend her for anyone booking a wedding or similar sort of complicated (and stressful) event, as it's one fewer thing to worry about. Secondly, Elinor presented herself well and engaged with my guests (something I had asked for her to do), and my guests all took an interest. I wanted more than just music, I wanted to learn about this instrument and what it's like to play it, and Elinor educated, entertained and informed us. My guests were queuing up to ask questions afterwards, and all were bubbling over with praise. Thirdly, it seems almost odd to mention it last, her music was wonderful, with each song more enchanting than the last. My guests talked more about you than any other part of the event, and I can only hope that some referrals come from it." 

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